Johns Hopkins University

Postdoctoral Fellows

Connor Hall, M.D., Ph.D.

(2021, Clinical fellow in Pediatric Hematology & Oncology at Johns Hopkins Hospital/National Institutes of Health)

Ahmed Shabana, Ph.D.

(2020, Scientist in Vaccine Drug Product Development at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), USA)

Jun Guo, Ph.D.

(2020, co-advised with Prof. Michael Tsapatsis, R&D Chemist at Nitto, Inc., USA)

Huihui Kuang, Ph.D.

(2019, Scientist at the New York Structural Biology Center, USA)

Tugba Yildiz, Ph.D.

(2019, Scientist, Formulations at Senda Biosciences, USA)

Graduate Students

Lucy Lin

(M.S.E. ChemBE 2022)

University of Minnesota

Postdoctoral Researchers

Sook Hee Ku, Ph.D.

(2016, Senior Researcher at Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), Korea)

Kamlesh Shroff, Ph.D.

(2014, Senior Manager – Specialty Product Development at Lupin Pharmaceuticals, USA)

Ajay Vidyasagar, Ph.D.

(2014, co-advised with Prof. Frank Bates, Americas HCF Supply Chain Planning Supervisor at ExxonMobil, USA)

Döne Demirgöz, Ph.D.

(2008, Research Specialist at 3M, USA)

Graduate Students

Michael A. Harris

(Ph.D. ChEn 2018, Senior Development Scientist at ProMed Pharma LLC, USA)

Carolyn M. Scott

(Ph.D. BME 2016, Senior Scientist at Merck, USA)

Rachel M. Levine

(Ph.D. ChEn 2015, Senior Research Technologist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, USA)

Timothy R. Pearce

(Ph.D. BME 2014, Director of Data, Analytics & Reporting at Livio Health, USA)

Garrett Swindlehurst

(Ph.D. ChEn 2014, co-advised with Prof. Michael Tsapatsis, Senior ITQ Engineer at General Mills, USA)

Nicole Atchison

(Ph.D. BME 2013, co-advised with Prof. Michael Tsapatsis, CEO at PURIS Holdings, USA)

Maroof M. Adil

(Ph.D. ChEn 2013, Director, Head of Therapeutic Discovery at Scribe Therapeutics, USA)

Matthew A. Petersen

(Ph.D. MatSci 2013, co-advised with Prof. Marc Hillmyer, Senior PD Program Manager at Medtronic, USA)

Brett Waybrant

(Ph.D. ChEn 2013, Product Development Lead at Lonza Pharma & Biotech, USA)

Todd O. Pangburn

(Ph.D. ChEn 2012, co-advised with Prof. Frank Bates, Research Investigator at DuPont – Healthcare Elastomers R&D, USA)

Emilie L. Rexeisen

(Ph.D. ChEn 2010, Global New Product Leader at 3M, USA)

Ashish Garg

(Ph.D. MatSci 2009, Associate Engineering Advisor at Eli Lilly and Company, USA)

Alison W. Tisdale

(M.S. ChEn 2009, Senior Director, Antibody Discovery and Engineering at Immunitas Therapeutics, USA)

Jennifer A. Craig

(M.S. BME 2007, Consultant at Accenture, USA)

Anastasia (Mardilovich) Behr

(Ph.D. ChEn 2006, Sustainability Director – Carbon at Dow, USA)

Chuan He

(M.S. MatSci 2006, co-advised with Prof. Michael Tsapatsis, PRC)

Undergraduate Students

Colin Anderson (Carleton College, visiting undergraduate) 
Michael Baranello  
Tsvetelina Baryakova 
Kelly Carnahan (Tufts University, visiting undergraduate) 
Katelyn Dahlke (Iowa State University, REU participant) 
Christina Dinh 
Jennifer Eler (Macalester College, visiting undergraduate) 
Zach Erdman 
Wenjie Fei 
James Fulton 
Erika Gemzer (Georgia Institute of Technology, REU participant)
Katerina Georgiou 
Eman Haidari 
Kyle Huston 
Andrew Klein 
Kangbao Kong (Saint Paul College, visiting undergraduate) 
Amanda Kummeth (Colgate University, visiting undergraduate) 
James Lloyd 
Jeremy Lois (Macalester College, REU participant) 
Alex Madsen (UMN, REU participant) 
Matt McCammon 
Mohamed A. Mohamed 
Brianna Nagel (Oregon State University, visiting undergraduate) 
Mark Olstad 
Nwamaka Onyeozili (Florida A & M, REU participant) 
Aadarsh Padiyath (Woodbury High School, visiting high school student) 
Bradford Paik 
Vasiliki Papanikolopoulos (University of Pennsylvania, visiting undergraduate) 
Alex Pepin 
Lucero Ramirez (University of Texas at Pan American, REU participant) 
Lía Randall (University of Uruguay, visiting undergraduate) 
Pranay Rao (Johns Hopkins University, visiting undergraduate) 
Yumi Rho (Macalester College, visiting undergraduate) 
Shalene Sankhagowit (UMN, REU participant) 
Jamie Thompson (Tufts University, visiting undergraduate) 
Javier Topete (University of Texas at Pan American, REU participant)
Irene Torija (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, visiting undergraduate) 
Wenshi Zhang