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Maria did a great job presenting the work she did in our lab under Paul’s mentorship, entitled “Developing 6-Gingerol and EGCG Loaded Liposomes to Target Breast Cancer”. She presented her poster at the Ingenuity Research Symposium of the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. Congratulations Maria!

Keilany will be joining the Bioengineering Department at the University of Notre Dame in the Fall for her Ph.D. studies. She was awarded the Dean’s Fellowship and was elected as a GEM Associate Fellow. Congratulations Keilany!

Our paper “Supramolecular Assembly of Single-Tail ssDNA-Amphiphiles Through π–π Interactions” is published in Bioconjugate Chemistry and is featured on a supplementary cover. Congratulations to Huihui, Danyu and Zack and thanks to our collaborator Prof. Tsapatsis!