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Recent Posts

Our paper “A localized enantioselective catalytic site on short DNA sequences and their amphiphiles” is published in JACS Au and is featured on a supplementary cover. Congratulations to Danyu, Jun and Huihui and thanks to Prof. Tsapatsis (co-PI) and our collaborators Dr. Pantatosaki and Prof. Papadopoulos!

Lucy successfully defended her MS thesis entitled “ssDNA nanotubes as a targeted drug delivery vehicle for triple negative breast cancer”. Congratulations Lucy!

Our paper “ssDNA nanotubes for selective targeting of glioblastoma and delivery of doxorubicin for enhanced survival” is published in Science Advances. Congratulations to Mike, Zack, Huihui and Lucy and thanks to all our collaborators!

Danyu, Lucy and Zack presented their work at the 2021 Annual AIChE Meeting in Boston, MA. Congratulations!

Nanlan Yang, a graduate student in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, joins the Kokkoli lab. Welcome Nanlan!

Our paper “Targeted liposomes encapsulating miR-603 complexes enhance radiation sensitivity of patient-derived glioblastoma stem-like cells” has been accepted for publication to Pharmaceutics. Congratulations to Ahmed and Zack and thanks to our collaborator Prof. Chen and his group members Dr. Xu and Dr. Ma!